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With news focused on space travel to distant galaxies, we often take for granted the engineering marvels right in front of our own eyes. Now an iconic feature of the NYC skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge was once thought of as impossible. Meet the men, and woman, that advanced the science of bridge building by constructing this work of “Practical Grandeur”, and hear how the bridge served as the backdrop for the Black Lives Matter Movement. This walk was created in the summer of 2020.

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1. The People's Day

1. The People's Day

2. The Bridge and Its Designer

3. Pragmatic Beauty

4. The Bridge's Baptism

5. The Making of the Towers

6. Wedded

7. The Promenade

8. Then and Now

9. Disease of the Depths

10. Emily Warren Roebling

11. Welcome to Brooklyn

12. No Justice, No Peace

13. Juneteenth Grove

14. Sands Street Terminal

15. The Neighborhood

16. A Fateful Resident

17. A Benediction of Light


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Wonderfully produced

Really enjoyed taking some of these tours which provide meditative and creative content for curious minds.

Great Bridge Tour

Fun way of enjoying the bridge while learning the history.

Amazing app!

This app is great for finding new things within familiar places. The voices are calming and engaging. I love the way it points out details of the city that I wouldn’t have noticed on my own.


Brooklyn Bridge


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