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25 Via Marsala
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Leaning on the Eternal City as a sort of "crash course" in cinema, this walk will explore the invaluable real life set pieces used by some of the most legendary filmmakers in history, from Antonioni to Fellini. Let Rome teach you a bit about the cinema as the cinema teaches you a whole lot about Rome.

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1. Ancient McDonald's

1. Ancient McDonald's

2. Michelangelo's Baths

3. An American in Rome

4. Gone with the Via Veneto

5. Casa del Cinema and the Borghese Gardens

6. The Piazza of the People

7. Fellini on the Via Margutta

8. Outside the Caffè Greco

9. The Grand Tour Up the Spanish Steps

10. Bicycle Thieves

11. The City of Water

12. Love at the Trevi Fountain

13. Eternally Yours: The Temple of Adrian

14. Time Leap: The Pantheon


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Love these tours

Unique stories and very user-friendly. Overall love the experience, can’t wait to learn even more about Rome with Gesso.

New way to explore cities

There’s so much I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t used the app. Excited to hear more of the content.

Perfect way to learn and explore

I love the way this app facilitates so much information in such an easily digestible way. Easy to find what you want to learn about a city and then immediately get into it.


CineCity | Rome at the Movies


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