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Lower Manhattan has one of the highest concentrations of monuments and memorials in the world. This Gesso walking tour, written and narrated by designer & educator Eric Moed, will reveal New York City’s invisible past; NYC’s contested origin story, obscure fragments of history, hidden reflective spaces & unbuilt memorials. Nine sites of memory will challenge you to think critically about the role monuments and memorials in public space play in defining our past and present, exposing you to strategies to directly advance New York City’s story into the future. This tour is a joint production of Gesso and oopsa aka Office of Open Practice Studio/Agency. For more information visit www.oopsa.org. Special thank you to Alice Kakurina and Roman Mamus who contributed to the research and scripting of this tour.

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1. National September 11 Memorial

1. National September 11 Memorial

2. Irish Hunger Memorial

3. Kowsky Plaza Berlin Wall Section

4. City of Refuge

5. Peter Minuit Plaza

6. Plaques at the National Museum of the American Indian

7. Charging Bull

8. Fearless Girl

9. African Burial Ground National Monument


Downtown Monuments & Memorials: Contemporary, Radical, Invisible


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