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Piazza della Stazione
2.0 Miles
70 Min
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All the essentials, organized thoughtfully into a walk that you can do in a day, at your own pace.

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2. Piazza della Stazione and The Mark of Mussolini

1. Santa Maria Novella Station

2. Piazza della Stazione and The Mark of Mussolini

3. The Church of Santa Maria Novella

4. All Saints Church and the Heart of Humanism

5. The Miracle of the Ponte Vecchio

6. The Legacy of the Old Bridge

7. Approaching the Uffizi Gallery

8. Leonardo Visits the Uffizi

9. Michelangelo's Graffiti

10. Palazzo Vecchio and the Alberghetto

11. The Real Bonfire of the Vanities

12. Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise

13. The Cupola and The Duomo


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I recently had a chance to take this audio tour during our trip, and it was one of the greatest walking tours I’ve experienced. The content was brilliant, would definitely recommend for visitors.

A must-try experience

This app is amazing. These walking tours are so impeccably executed it’s hard to imagine how this didn’t exist sooner.

Amazing app

So much helpful content about local history, while also being very engaging. I love the way it points out details of the city that I wouldn’t have noticed on my own.


Florence in a Day


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