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The melody echoed throughout the piece is an adaptation of "The Shoofly"--a folk song that was first recorded in Centralia, PA by George Gershon Korson as part of the 1947 "Songs and Ballads of the Anthracite Miners" collection in The Library of Congress. The song details an encounter with a lady singing and searching for coal in the dirt banks after a mine went under. As the song progresses, the woman imagines a future beyond her current hardship and expresses gratitude for her neighbors' financial support. The section "On Dark Tourism" includes Creative Commons attributed material remixed from Atlas Obscura, Sonny Deeds YouTube, and Cryptid Ramblers podcast. If you would like a brief artist's statement/description: "For Centralia" is a site-specific sound piece that can be experienced while driving or walking in the area. A small Pennsylvania town, Centralia was relocated and bulldozed due to an underground mine fire. Today, very little remains of the town, though tourists continue to visit. "For Centralia" aims to bring attention to the site's history while also reflecting on Centralia's representations in digital, popular culture. If any area is marked "no trespassing," please remain in your car to experience the sound "drive."

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1. Into the Mines

1. Into the Mines

2. Sinkholes and Cemeteries

3. On Dark Tourism

4. Municipal Building

5. Railway Echoes


For Centralia.


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