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When a key player goes missing at the marriage ceremony of the summer, reluctant wedding columnist Bobbi Rossetti transfigures into an ad hoc investigative reporter on the case. Follow Bobbi through a fictional version of 1920s Prospect Park as she decodes the clues and uncovers a stunning secret in this immersive audio mystery. Walter Prest is Duncan Gallagher Minnie Prest is Canning Robb Irving Locke is Jake Kuhn Roland Archer is Nathan Snow Caissa Archer is Haley Schwartz Bobbi Rossetti is Georgia Wright Additional voice acting by Carter Hodge and Rebecca Carroll Good Prospects was produced, written, and edited by Georgia Wright for Gesso.
A murder mystery, set in Prospect Park

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1. The Peristyle

1. The Peristyle

2. The Boathouse

3. Litchfield

4. Tennis House

5. Ambergill Falls


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Love this

Such a cool concept. Very easy to use, would definitely check out other tours as well.


I would definitely recommend Gesso tours in NY. I just finished this walk and have plans to do another. Count me as a dedicated user going forward!

Amazing tour

These tours are wonderful. I like that there is the ability to pause and explore on your own in between stories. Highly recommend.


Good Prospects: An Audio Mystery


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