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29 Via di Santa Maria dell'Anima
2.8 Miles
65 Min
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Just the hits, from the highs to the lows, and the ugly to the beautiful.

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1. Pasquino

1. Pasquino

2. Giordano Bruno

3. Street of Assassins

4. Memorial of Aldo Moro

5. Portico d'Ottavio

6. Tarpeian Rock

7. The Old Capital

8. Palazzo Venezia

9. Il Vittoriano

10. Trajan's Column

11. Trajan's Market

12. The Temple of the Peace

13. The Colosseum.

14. Monti


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Makes me want to discover more

Gesso helped me discover a lot of cool stories around the city. A nice mix of interesting short stories and easy to use.

Very useful

I am so happy I came across these tours. Love discovering curated content as I’m walking by different spots. Would highly recommend using while traveling.

Impressive collection of gems

I like how these tours have a collection of interesting spots both off and on the beaten path. Easy navigation has been useful while exploring.


Hits | The Classics


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