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Land is the debut album from Sheffield based cellist Liz Hanks. With words written by Sally Goldmith this audio walk will take you from the urban to the natural worlds, from the present into the past, from vast city scapes, into ancient woodland and through a lost valley. The city of Sheffield was built around rivers, on hills and in valleys. In the area that Liz lives, Meersbrook, the valley is still clearly visible. “As I began exploring ideas for this album, I was drawn to the sounds from my local area in Sheffield. Field recordings gathered from the woods and park made me wonder, what was this area was like before the housing and roads were built?" ‘Land’ gives remembrance and a sense of place for these forgotten spaces and explores both the loss of nature in the urban environment and forgotten natural worlds, whilst celebrating the green spaces that remain. This walk includes steps, steep hills and there may be muddy areas. Walking boots are recommended. I also recommend having a fully charged phone. The Gesso app can use a lot of battery charge on older mobile phones. If needed there is a paper version of the walk available from the link below. Music by Liz Hanks Words by Sally Goldsmith Spoken word by Sally Doherty recorded at Mrs Mellors Cellar The album 'Land' is available to buy at Hudson Records https://hudsonrecords.ffm.to/land To print a paper map of this walk visit https://hudsonrecords.co.uk/artist/liz-hanks

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1. Meer (boundary)

1. Meer (boundary)

2. Keld (a spring)

3. Brook (small stream)

4. Ride (path made by humans or animals through woodland)

5. Hide (measurement of land needed to sustain a family)

6. Carr (marsh)

7. Ley (an open area of land, clearing in a wood)

8. Kerf (width of a saw cut)

9. Glind (enclosure)

10. Brier (many plants with thorny stems growing in dense clusters)


Land - Liz Hanks


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