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Chapter 510 presents... “Oakland Belonging: The Voices of Swan’s Market,” a self guided audio tour created by youth in Oakland, California. How do we reflect past, present, and future stories into the built environment? How might this process enable placemaking, placekeeping and belonging? Holding these ambitious inquiries closely, a group of curious high school students gathered in January of 2022 at Chapter 510 in Oakland, California. Thus began a nine-month exploration of Swan’s Market, a local landmark with a rich history. Led by teaching artist and audio producer Elena Botkin-Levy, students used audio storytelling as a method of collecting and archiving stories of place, belonging and disbelonging. Within this audio tour you will find windows into the lives of the human beings who live, work, and connect with Swan’s Market. Go ahead; explore for yourself. Oakland Belonging Youth: Karol Suarez, Phoebe Lefebvre, Olivia Richardson Feldman, Citlali Sanchez Udovic, Isis Pascual, Leila McCullough, Fernando Barrera. We gratefully acknowledge the wonderful people who came together in support of the Oakland Belonging students: Elena Botkin-Levy, Lead Teaching Artist/Producer/Editor Vernon Keeve III (Trey), Teaching Artist Alicia Crawford, Producer/Editor/Sound Engineer Jahan Kalighi, Program Director Marabet Morales, Program and Community Manager Advisors: Emily Weinstein, City of Oakland Deputy Director for Housing & Community Development and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leader. Laura Crescimano SITELAB Urban Studio. Guests: Pendarvis Harshaw, Emily Foster, Joshua Simon, Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, SITELAB Urban Studio, Michelle “Mush” Lee, and Jacob Simas

Hear an Audio Sample

2. Oakland Belonging Is (Introduction)

1. Opening Directions

2. Oakland Belonging Is (Introduction)

3. Directions

4. A Sense of Belonging (Collaborative Poem)

5. Ten Thousand Houses and Hog Head Cheese by Karol Suarez

6. Directions

7. Food for the People by Phoebe Lefebvre

8. Directions

9. @ The Intersection by Olivia Richardson Feldman

10. Directions

11. 100 Years of Sausage by Citlali Sanchez Udovic

12. Directions

13. Voices of Swan's

14. Directions

15. To Live Like a Swan by Isis Pascual

16. Directions

17. A Swan's Cut by Leila McCullough

18. Directions

19. The Activism of Belonging by Fernando Barrera

20. Closing Directions


Oakland Belonging: The Voices of Swan's Market


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