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7n Via dei Renai
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The “other” side of the Arno River, affectionately called the “Diladdarno” by the Florentines for eons. It’s a touch scruffier on this side, though, decidedly younger and weirder, so if you’re tiring of the Renaissance browns and reds immediately surrounding the Duomo, I trust that you’ll find an extra splash of color over here.

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2. St. Francis on the Via de' Bardi

1. The Russian Renaissance

2. St. Francis on the Via de' Bardi

3. The ex-Cinema Arlecchino

4. Chiesa di Santa Felicita

5. Fyodr & Carlo at The Pitti

6. Teatro del Rondò di Bacco at the Pitti Palace

7. Piteous Pitti

8. The Ghosts of Santo Spirito

9. Fellini & Friends at the Teatro Goldoni

10. The Anarchists of Via del Leone

11. L'Universale

12. The Tower of the Sardigna

13. The Lost Theater at the Palazzo Rinuccini

14. The Fontana dello Sprone

15. Piazza della Passera


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Super user-friendly

My husband and I had a great time using this app for a self-paced walk around Florence. It’s super intuitive, well designed, and a great way for people ​​to better engage with local history.


The tour is thoughtful and interesting. I love this city – can’t wait to go on another Gesso experience to explore it more.

Great way to learn and explore

Did the tour yesterday and learned a lot of interesting things I would have never known on my own just walking around. Overall just really approachable and fun. Definitely will check out the other ones.


Oltrarno | The Other Side of Florence


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