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A tour of historic Riverside Cemetary in Fairhaven, MA. This tour was made possible through the work of the Fairhaven Office of Tourism and is presented by Scouts of America Troop 55, of Fairhaven, MA.

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1. Welcome

1. Welcome

2. Henry and Rhoda Huttleston

3. Capt. Alexander Winsor

4. Atkins Adams

5. John and Martha Coggeshall

6. Ruby Allen and Stephen Merrihew

7. Thomas Whitfield

8. Ahira Kelley

9. Capt. William H. Whitfield

10. Charles Dean Waldron

11. Joseph K. Nye

12. William F. Nye

13. Isaac N. Babbitt

14. Everett S. Allen

15. Dr. Martha E. Cummings

16. John I. Bryant

17. Dr. Charles Warren White, Eliza Childs, Zephania Pease

18. Bancroft Winsor & Beatrice Dunham Winsor

19. Henry Huttleston Rogers

20. Walter P. Winsor

21. Norman Reid

22. Delano Tomb

23. Nathan Church

24. Lemuel D. Eldred

25. Nathaniel Pope

26. F.R. Whitwell

27. George H. Taber

28. Civil War Monument


Riverside Cemetary Audio Tour


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