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In the 1960s, SoHo was deserted. That's when my parents moved here. I'm Yukie Ohta. My sister Mimi and I were born and raised in SoHo, and I still live here with my artist husband and our daughter. I want to show you my SoHo. We’ll trace signs of the past, and uncover hidden details only lifelong residents can show you. PS - Bring a fridge magnet if you have one handy! This walk was created in the summer of 2021.

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1. The Gateway to SoHo

1. The Gateway to SoHo

2. Houston Street

3. Jersey Street Alley

4. Housing Works Bookstore

5. Crosby Lunch

6. Yukie's Old Loft

7. Ken's Sidewalk Carving

8. Fanelli's

9. Post Office

10. FOOD Restaurant

11. Vesuvio Bakery

12. The 420 Gallery Building

13. Artist-in-Residence Sign

14. Loading Dock

15. Fluxhouse

16. Donald Judd's Studio

17. Zoe's House

18. Chris's Staircase

19. Back to the Wall


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I’ve taken two NYC tours – SoHo and the East Village – and they were wondrous and riveting. This is an exciting way to take an audio tour.


Just embarked on the SoHo audio tour. Fabulous and surprisingly moving! Loved it all, especially the Ken Hiratsuka pieces and the personal stories about growing up in the neighborhood!

Insightful and enjoyable

I was so excited to finally experience the SoHo tour, and it was so good! Beautifully produced, and it made me realize how much of New York I still need to explore. I can’t wait to experience more tours, especially in different seasons.




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