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A glimpse into some of the earliest settlers, innovators, and innovations from 19th century San Francisco's "Loma Alta" down through its most notorious neighborhood.

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1. Telegraph Hill and the Dawn of California

1. Telegraph Hill and the Dawn of California

2. Coit Tower and the Legend of Firebell Lil

3. A Colonialist, A Castle

4. The Heslet Garden Compound

5. The Ducks of Alta Street

6. Briones and Franklin in Washington Square

7. The Anarchists of St. Peter & Paul Church

8. El Condor Pasa

9. Lenny Bruce and the Many Beats

10. Coppola at Columbus Tower

11. Boars, Boats & Booze on the Barbary Coast


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Need to check this out

Gesso makes it easier to connect ​​to the city, and I am so glad it exists. It’s so wonderful to be able to walk around and see neighborhoods through fresh eyes.

Excited for more

Having Gesso makes it easier to understand the histories and communities that make places special. Great experience.

Well done

Gesso’s themed walks have quickly become a go-to activity for my friends and I. So stoked to see what tours and tidbits are coming next.


Telegraph Hill


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