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THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY TRAIL | SOUTH BEACH-MISSION BAY AUDIO TOUR The San Francisco Bay Trail South Beach-Mission Bay Audio Tour is a 90-minute interactive walking tour spanning 3 miles of historic San Francisco waterfront. Enjoy the outdoors, view the bay and learn more about the natural and cultural histories that shape this area. Start from the Ferry Building or China Basin Park / Pier 50, and walk to 7 key points along the waterfront, while listening to stories curated for each location. If you prefer to read along with the narration, a link to the text version can be found below each episode description. Episode 1 - The Ferry Building: Surviving member of the Ramaytush people, Gregg Castro paints a scene of what listeners would experience if transported from today to a time before European contact. Text Version of Episode 1: https://tinyurl.com/The-First-Episode Episode 2 - Rincon Park: Gregg Castro narrates the indigenous perspectives on the time since European contact. He reflects on the notable moments in the last hundred years and learn about what they see for the future of indigenous people. Text Version of Episode 2: https://tinyurl.com/The-Second-Episode Episode 3 - Pier 30: Captain William Shorey was the only Black whaling captain operating on the West Coast in the late 1800s, during a period where San Francisco was a major whaling port and the waterfront served as a place for production. Text Version of Episode 3: https://tinyurl.com/Third-Epsiode Episode 4 - Pier 40: In 1882 the US passed a Chinese exclusion law, which banned people coming to the US from China. Chinese passengers sailing into the Bay were held and processed in Pier 40. Text Version of Episode 4: https://tinyurl.com/Fourth-Episode Episode 5 - 485 Berry St., Mission Creek: Since the 1960s, a group of residents living on houseboats on Mission Creek became part of a larger ecosystem of species, large and small, making the creek their home. Text Version of Epsiode 5: https://tinyurl.com/Fifth-Episode Episode 6 - China Basin Park, Pier 50: Through the leadership of activists and city planners, the southeastern waterfront has balanced environmental restoration, with new development and opportunities for spaces for all San Franciscans to play. Text Version of Epsiode 6 : https://tinyurl.com/Seventh-Episode This audio tour is located on a segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail and the Blue/Greenway. Please visit baytrail.org to learn more about the waterfront and access other audio tours. The South Beach-Mission Bay Audio Tour is produced by BAYCAT and funded by the Mission Rock project. Audio series written and produced by BAYCAT Studio Voice Over Artist: Aalia Zealous Special thanks to: Gregg Castro, Ginny Stearns, Justin Semion, Ariel Dovas, Liz Salinas, Margarita Tenisi, Nina Tanujaya, Arash Malekzadeh, Latajh Weaver, Georgia Agbodjan, Jason Titus Sources: Gary Kamiya, https://tinyurl.com/SF-Chronicle Chris Carlsson, https://tinyurl.com/FoundSF Liam O'Donogue, https://tinyurl.com/East-Bay-Express Guy M. Washington, https://tinyurl.com/Black-Past-William-Shorey Edward Tepporn, Executive Director of Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation Angel Island: Immigrant Gateway to America by Judy Yung and Erika Lee Finding Margins on Borders: Shipping Firms and Immigration Control across Settler Space by Ethan Blue Learn more about Save The Bay here: https://savesfbay.org/

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1. The Ramaytush People

1. The Ramaytush People

2. The Ramaytush Experience

3. Captain William Shorey

4. Pier 40 & The Chinese Exclusion Act

5. Life on Mission Creek

6. Entertainment and Recreation at All Levels




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