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2398 Yorktown Drive
1.4 Miles
40 Min
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Soundwalk is a silent experience open to an individual or collective journey. Soundwalk will invite you to imagine sounds of the past, present, and future that are heard internally and externally to our ears. Soundwalk is rooted in deep listening and re-attuning our aural awareness through opening our ears to the activities in the soundscape. Curated by Akari Komura, composer/vocalist/sound artist

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2. Thurston Pond Trail

1. Soundwalk prologue: William Stapp Ampitheater

2. Thurston Pond Trail

3. Bluett Rd.

4. Sugarbush Trail

5. Lexington Dr. - Antietam Ct.

6. Soundwalk epilogue: free exploration of Thurston Pond Trail


Tuning to the open air - Thurston Pond Soundwalk


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