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Late one night during Covid, we started wondering “Did Williamsburg invent the hipster?” Turns out the answer is no. In fact, probably closer to the opposite. The first hipsters were fashionable non-conformists and creative countercultural types. But, what happens when a movement founded on non-conformity becomes something you can buy off the rack? Join us on a sociological dive into this subculture. We’ll find all of the markers of hipsterism, from thrifting and vinyls, to beer and bowling, and even (vegan) ice cream. This walk was created in Summer 2020.

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1. McCarren Park (Lorimer and Driggs)

1. McCarren Park (Lorimer and Driggs)

2. Beacon's Closet

3. At Beacon's Closet

4. Frances Perkins High School

5. En route to the Gutter

6. At The Gutter

7. En route to Brooklyn Bowl

8. At Brooklyn Bowl

9. En Route to Brooklyn Brewery

10. German ale + Scandinavian design

11. Brooklyn Brewery Logo

12. Soda and Walldogs

13. En route to Rough Trade

14. At Rough Trade

15. Marsha P. Johnson Park

16. Artists & Fleas

17. Music Hall of Williamsburg

18. National Sawdust

19. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

20. Mekas Brothers

21. A Ghost Sign

22. Evil Weed

23. Old and New

24. The Waterfront

25. The Bridge

26. Grand Ferry Park

27. Domino Park

28. Domino Sugar Factory and a Top Coat


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New way to explore!

Really cool app to help you explore stories around different neighborhoods. There’s so much I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t used the app. Excited to hear more of their content!

Great way to explore the city

Love to do the audio tours with Gesso. Just finished the Williamsburg walk and learned a lot about the area.


I recently had the chance to take one of their audio guided tours through Williamsburg. And it was one of the greatest walking adventures of my lifetime. And I’ve walked around in nearly 24 countries. This app was magic and the content nothing less than brilliant.

Kickstarting Wanderlust

It’s clear this app was lovingly crafted. I explored the culture and history of Williamsburg, Brooklyn but there are so many neighborhoods and cities to explore with Gesso. It makes me want to travel all over and learn even more!!




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